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May 18, 2022 View:

3 inch lobe pump in the use of what need to pay attention to

3" lobe pump is a kind of equipment used by many companies nowadays, so do you know some places that need attention when using it? The following is an introduction for you. The power source of the lobe pump is to rely on its own two synchronous reverse rotation of the two fan blades in the process of rotation in the inlet place to produce a strong suction, so we can suck in the material we need and transport, non-stop operation, we need something will * be transported to where it needs to be. Before we start, we need to check whether the oil inside the gear box is sufficient, and the lubricating oil should be replaced regularly, and the general replacement time is about 4,000 hours of use. There is also to open the import and export gates of the pipeline before starting, when the medium into the I do you need to turn by hand, to confirm normal before the official operation, and can not be empty when the pump is running. There is also in the process of running need to pay attention to, when running we should pay attention to the power of the motor and the operation to the situation, such as abnormalities should stop running to find the cause. Pump body with packing seal, can allow one to three drops per minute, if more than should be tight pressure material ring. With mechanical seal should be no leakage and heat phenomenon. The above is the 3 inch lobe pump manufacturer to introduce you in the use of some places need to pay attention to, I hope it can help you, if you still want to know other aspects, you can come to consult us.