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May 18, 2022 View:

4 inch lobe pump protection work can not be sloppy

4 inch lobe pump does not have any parts wear in operation (except mechanical seal), all parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel, a pair of rotors run synchronously in operation, maintaining a certain gap between each other, without any contact, without any theoretical wear, able to work in various environments at temperatures up to 220 degrees The machine can work in various environments at temperatures up to 220 degrees. Operation: convenient and safe operation, just press the electric button, power on, it will start normal operation, in order to ensure that the pump can work very well, should also pay attention to the following methods. 1, before opening: the first check whether the pump parts can be flawless into, out of the valve on the pipeline can be fully opened, in short, it is necessary to ensure that the parts are flawless, pipeline unblocked. 2, in the open: it is necessary to let it the next process of equipment first hair 3, in the process of operation, should always pay attention to the initiative can be normal, such as found before the pump cut off the flow or after the pump blockage and other appearances, should be promptly shut down, troubleshooting before starting. 4, when the whole line to suspend operations, should be in accordance with the process sequential shutdown, that is, first after the booster pump stopped, and then stop the pump after the relevant equipment. 4 inch lobe pump on any mechanical equipment, the usual protection work is done well, not only reflected in the production can be normal, more importantly, directly affect the use of mechanical equipment ordained, on the pump, of course, is no exception, for this reason, pay attention to the following aspects of protection protection work. (1) the seals are divided into static seals and dynamic seals, the seal ring of the static seals (should pay attention to the appearance of the seal should not have scratches or bruises, otherwise, for the direct impact on the sealing effect; on the dynamic seals, because the lobe pump will be subject to pressure and transport medium corrosion, and medium particles in the wear and tear and many other factors (if a little careless, there is likely to be leakage appearances. Once the product leakage, should promptly shut down for maintenance, wipe with soft clean cotton cloth, coated with a layer of glycerin, after assembling, first with the hand before starting to use, such as the correction is no hope, should replace the new parts. (2) smooth parts, the pump's transmission gears, rolling bearings, it is necessary to adhere to outstanding smooth conditions, usually, often focus on the gears in the oil level of the bump, to give enough smooth oil, and to ensure that the oil quality is pure, clean, regular (six months or a year) to replace a new oil. (3) electrical system, in the electrical equipment around, prohibit the storage of equipment, substances or gases that damage the insulation. Together with the need to adhere to the electricity equipment in a dry environment. If it is difficult to avoid should be added with moisture-proof equipment. (4) daily protection, whenever the shutdown does not work, will be based on the nature of the transported materials, the choice of the appropriate cleaning agent, will be useful to clean, the end must also be cleaned with water once, to ensure that the pump clean and sanitary.