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May 11, 2022 View:

A Lobe Rotary Lobe Pump Can Complete The Tanker Loading And Unloading Sweeping Warehouse

The Ace rotary lobe pump is the perfect solution for the loading, unloading and sweeping processes in oil depots where space is limited and we need one pump for all three processes.

In pump selection, for small projects where the pump is relatively close to the tank and the outlet pressure is estimated to be between 20-30m, consider a positive displacement rotary lobe pump, which has a self-priming capacity of 7m and does not require priming to fill the pump and can pass minute particles. As long as the medium is present in the overflow chamber, then the rotary lobe pump allows short periods of evacuation with no effect on the pump.

The use of a rotary lobe pump, especially in the final sweep stage, solves the problem of unclean bottom oil cleaning and eliminates the need for sweeping pipes and equipment.

For processes with high flow rates and low heads, where unloading efficiency is required, we can use this option.

Choose a 60-70 cube rotary lobe pump, the pump is placed under the trestle bridge, three cranes in a group, and a train of tankers can finish unloading in about 2½ hours.

The low speed of the rotary lobe pump, which we recommend to control between 300-350 rpm, prevents cavitation and vibration of the pump due to gas-liquid mixing during sweeping.

In terms of comprehensive use cost, the rotary lobe pump can save a lot of other equipment, the replacement cycle of wearing parts is long.

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