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Ace Animal Fats Lobe Pump For Feeds

In an increasingly competitive market, looking for cheaper feeds for monogastric animals, animal fat has undoubtedly become an excellent raw material. Animal fat is a more valuable feed ingredient. Adding animal fat to feed will reduce the cost of feed processing. In terms of environmental issues, animal fat is an effective way to reduce carbon emissions from animal production. Using animal fat as a raw material may also reduce the pressure on other foods and feeds.


In order to develop the market, Ace designed a series of rotary lobe pump for animal fat. Solve the different challenges to pump different fats: Liquid fats, hot fat or melted lard, their viscosity is water –thin; the viscosity of hashed fat or ground fat various, but usually around 22,000 centipoise....


lobe pump


Ace's animal fat lobe pumps have the following advantages:


1. The pump can be used to transfer thin or thick fats with high efficiency.

2. Low working speed results in gentle, low-shear operation.

3. All the contact parts expect O-rings are made of stainless steel, sanitary grade.

4. No contact parts and Robust design for long service life.

5. Easy maintenance due to self-setting, front-loading seals.


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