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May 11, 2022 View:

Ace Explains The Working Principle And Structural Characteristics Of Gear Pumps And Types

Gear pumps are often used by major industries, but some industries are not particularly knowledgeable about gear pumps, so when they encounter some problems there is no way to solve them. Today Ace Pumps will explain the working principle and structural features and types of gear pumps.

The gear pumps work as follows.

The working principle of a gear pump When a gear pump conveys liquid, two gears that mesh with each other produce a change in working volume during the process of meshing with each other.

The structural characteristics of the gear pumps are as follows.

The structure of the gear pump is relatively simple, mainly consisting of pump casing, active gear, driven gear, bearings, pump shaft (active shaft, passive shaft), front side cover, rear side cover and sealing gland.

There is a pair of meshed gears in the pump casing, one of which is the active gear and the other is the driven gear, driven by the engagement of the active gear to rotate. A small gap is left between the gears and the pump casing and between the gears and the gears.

General gear pumps have their own safety valve. When the discharge pressure is too high, the safety valve opens, allowing the high pressure liquid to return to the suction port.

The types of gear pumps are as follows.

There are two types of gear pumps: external gear pumps and internal gear pumps.

Warm tip: The above is about the working principle and structural characteristics of gear pumps and the type of related introduction. After reading these compared to everyone is clear gear pump, if you still have what do not know, you can consult Ace pump industry, we will sincerely for your service.