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May 11, 2022 View:

Ace Lobe Rotary Lobe Pump Can Be Used To Transport Slurry

The slurry is a mixture of crushed metal ore, slag and slurry, with a solid volume ratio ranging from 20% to 80%.

At present, the plunger pump is mostly used for slurry conveying. The biggest advantage of the plunger pump is the high pressure, which is not very sensitive to the conveying distance and height. However, the problems of choosing piston pumps are also obvious, such as: the volume is very large, the purchase and maintenance costs are very high, especially the imported piston pumps, the huge noise of equipment operation and the frequency of parts replacement is also unacceptable to construction units.

Ace rotary lobe pumps are suitable for conveying highly abrasive media with a high solids content, such as slurry, due to their small size, strong self-priming, good throughput and low maintenance costs. ace rotary lobe pumps rely on two rotating rotors to convey the media and their main wearing parts include the rotor and mechanical seal and wear-resistant liner. For highly abrasive media such as slurry, we usually use spiral optimised rotors with extended sealing lines and mechanical seals with sealing surfaces made of silicon carbide.

In addition, the wear and tear of the media on the pump cavity is not easy to ignore. For slurry transport, the Ace rotary lobe pump is designed with a four-sided silicon carbide liner inside the pump cavity, which completely wraps the inner wall of the pump cavity to prevent it from being worn by the media, while the silicon carbide liner is designed with a stainless steel bottom layer and a silicon carbide outer layer, which is easy to fix and replace, and also plays a wear-resistant function.

The compact and maintenance-friendly construction of the Ace rotary lobe pumps offers the user decisive advantages. Repair and maintenance operations can be carried out directly and quickly and economically on site without the need to dismantle the pump. In addition, the Ace rotary lobe pump has a mixed gas, solid and liquid transfer function, so there is no need to worry about air resistance, blockages, vibrations, high wear and seizures, which considerably reduces many daily maintenance and repair worries.

In summary, the choice of a cam lobe pump for slurry conveying not only prevents silt and sediment from settling in the pipe network in mining and ensures an even flow of the medium, but also successfully solves the slurry conveying problems such as high flow rate, abrasiveness and clogging, ensuring a smooth production process, and can be said to be a better choice for slurry conveying.