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May 11, 2022 View:

Ace Pump Industry In The Lobe Rotary Lobe Pump Has The Advantage Of Listening To What Ace Said

Many people will ask why we at Ace are confident on this side of the lobe rot or pump, but it is actually Ace's lobe pump technology that gives us a lot of confidence. Here Ace will talk about the advantages that Ace Pumps has in terms of rotary lobe pumps.

lobe pump

The advantages that Ace Pumps offers in terms of rotary lobe pumps are as follows.

1、Ace cam lobe pumps have developed their own advantages after 10 years of production and continuous research and innovation. As a network supplier to PetroChina, we have unique experience in the petroleum and petrochemical industry (high viscosity media transport).

2. Two major advantages of the rotary lobe pump: the double support shaft structure design and the patented mechanical seal. Success lies in the details. Rohde has strict requirements for the workmanship of the smallest components, which is not only a technical guarantee for the stable and efficient operation of the product as a whole, but also reflects the rigorous and meticulous professional philosophy of Rohde.

3. rotary lobe pumps are made of fluorine rubber or stainless steel with a three-vane spiral rotor, especially suitable for high viscosity, strong corrosive media, the petroleum and petrochemical industry in this kind of media more. In the municipal light industry, similar to manure treatment, gum food-grade media can be selected rotary lobe pump.

4、Ace rotary lobe pumps are rigorously designed and have a team of experienced engineers.

Warm reminder: The above is the introduction about the advantages that Ace pump industry has in the rotary lobe pump. If you are faced with choosing a rotary lobe pump manufacturer but are at a loss, you can come to Ace Pump Factory for a site visit, I believe Ace Pump Industry will not let you down.