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May 11, 2022 View:

Ace Rotary Lobe Pump Can Be Used To Transport Methanol Media

Methanol is a colourless, transparent, flammable, volatile and toxic liquid that is non-corrosive to metals at room temperature. When conveying the medium it must be ensured that no sparks, no static electricity and no leaks are generated.

When conveying methanol media, we can use brass rotor and EPDM rotor lobe pump, these two rotor rotation will not produce sparks with the pump cavity, and suitable for conveying flammable and explosive, easy to corrosive media, in addition EPDM after anti-static treatment, these are the production safety guarantee.

Advantages of Ace lobe pumps.

1. lobe pump with a pair of rubber covered rotors

In the application process of methanol unloading pumps, we choose EPDM EPDM for the rotor material and the same material for the sealing ring, which is physically and chemically suitable for the transport of methanol as a medium.

2. Positive displacement pump, low pulsation

The lobe pump is a volumetric pump, this pump has a pump speed between 50 and 650 rpm by means of a speed reducer and has a small shear for the medium.

3、Self-priming ability, gas-liquid mixing

lobe pump for unloading methanol, same as petrol and diesel, with a self-priming capacity of about 9 m. It can be transported in a mixture of gas and liquid, without constant flow, and can be emptied individually in a short time.

4、Low energy consumption, low cost of use

The flow rate per revolution of the lobe pump is constant and the pump efficiency is high, making the lobe pump suitable for continuous operation in process applications and with correspondingly low energy costs.

5. Forward and reverse rotation

lobe pumps can be turned forwards or backwards by changing the direction of motor operation, i.e. there is no clear inlet or outlet for lobe pumps.

In the integrated process of loading, unloading and sweeping the silo, the lobe pump can be completed in one pump, reducing equipment costs and saving time.