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May 11, 2022 View:

Ace Rotary Lobe Pump Can Fully Meet The Demand Of Unloading Truck Sweeping Bin

In the petroleum and petrochemical industry, pumps with good self-priming capacity and the ability to mix gas-liquid-solid transport are required for similar oily sewage self-priming, tank bottom oil cleaning, unloading and sweeping, and line sweeping processes.

Ace unloading, sweeping warehouse pump is a double spiral rotor volumetric lobe pump, technology from Germany, the product has a gas-liquid mixed transport capacity, so it can unload the car tanker media, and can sweep the pump before the pipeline empty. Because Ace unloading pump can not only mix gas and liquid, but also can run dry for a long time, after comparison, the same parameters under the premise of faster unloading speed than other pump types, is now widely used by Sinopec, PetroChina.

Ace unloading, sweeping warehouse pump whether train, or car unloading, its process link in three steps: 1, lead oil; 2, unloading oil; 3, sweeping warehouse. The requirements for the pump are also: 1) strong self-priming ability; 2) allowing mixed steam-liquid transmission; 3) allowing broken flow idling. Therefore the Ace lobe pump is chosen to fully meet its requirements. The low speed design of the lobe pump is stable and durable, and the noise and vibration are relatively much lower than other pump types.