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May 11, 2022 View:

Ace Rotary Lobe Pump Can Meet The Needs Of A Variety Of Working Conditions

The Ace lobe pump is also a type of positive displacement pump. They are compact, have a small footprint and are used in a wide range of industries to convey media with high solids content, high abrasion and high viscosity. In addition, the lobe pump has a high self-priming capacity, reversible conveying characteristics and a linear flow rate proportional to the rotational speed, which can meet the needs of a wide range of operating conditions.

First, the transport of complex media

The petroleum and petrochemical industry has single media, such as sewage, dirty oil and refined oil, but also complex media, such as oil sludge scum, landed crude oil and bitumen. Complex media contain many elements, both corrosive and abrasive, and in some processes, require self-priming capabilities, and lobe pumps meet the technical needs of customers.

Second, mobile trolley

Mobile trolleys are mainly used for tank cleaning and emergency drainage treatment in tank farms. Tank cleaning mainly cleans residual sludge from the bottom of the tank, which varies greatly in viscosity and requires a pump with self-priming capability, as well as being resistant to wear and corrosion. The lobe pump is designed as a mobile trolley and can be operated by a single person.

Thirdly, combined skid-mounted systems

The combined skid-mounted system can be applied to the treatment of toxic and hazardous media that are prohibited from being discharged into the atmosphere, with a lobe pump combined with a PLAN double machine seal flushing system. Two pump sets can also be integrated with the control system to achieve automatic control. This system is applied in the process of unloading and sweeping the tanker in the train tank area to solve the problems of many equipment, low efficiency and high maintenance costs when loading and unloading.

Fourth, membrane treatment process

The membrane treatment process, as an important part of the water purification system in a water treatment plant, requires high import and export pressure for the pump. The lobe pump, as a pump body that can be delivered in both forward and reverse directions, can give full play to its performance advantages in the membrane treatment process.

Fifth, battery slurry transport

In the production of lithium batteries, cell slurries with high viscosity or high solids content are often transported. Ace lobe pumps are stable, have excellent wear resistance, are in-line and have a long spare parts life. They can be used in all stages of lithium battery slurry transfer or auxiliary material transfer, including slurry making and coating.