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May 11, 2022 View:

Ace Rotary Lobe Pump Helps You Solve The Problem Of Kitchen Waste Transportation

It is understood that China's kitchen waste treatment belongs to the environmental protection industry in the emerging business areas, at present, is still in some cities pilot stage. Data show that in 2010, the national kitchen waste production was about 78.23 million tons; by 2015, the national kitchen waste production had reached 94.75 million tons, with an average daily production of 260,000 tons/day. 2018, the national kitchen waste production exceeded 100 million tons, reaching 108 million tons.

Due to the high solids content, large solids diameter, high viscosity and high temperature of the food waste, especially in the pre-treatment station, the transport of food waste has always been a problem, Ace lobe pumps have good throughput, long life, easy cleaning and maintenance, etc., just to solve the problem of food waste transport.

Ace lobe pumps are mainly used in the kitchen waste disposal process and play a transport role in the disposal of kitchen waste. With the twisted lobe rubber rotary lobe pump as the core, the two spiral lobe rotors, driven by synchronous gears, are used to push the transport medium from the pump inlet to the pump outlet. Due to the perfect sealing between the rotor rubber impeller and the pump body, the pump's inlet and outlet chambers are completely isolated and have a strong vacuum suction capacity, so the pump's self-priming capacity far exceeds that of other structural forms of pumps. Due to the three-bladed spiral rotor, the instantaneous design flow rate of the pump is constant at every moment during the rotation week, with almost no pulsation or disturbance.

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