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May 11, 2022 View:

Ace Rotary Lobe Pump In The Gasoline Unloading Process Advantages

Petrol unloading pumps are very typical process applications in petrochemical processes. For the current unloading of oil tankers, Ace rotor pumps solve two important problems traditionally faced by customers: filling the pump before unloading and unclean unloading after unloading. Ace lobe pumps are self-priming and have a strong gas-liquid mixing and conveying capability, which can empty the pipeline and can unload the medium. In addition Ace lobe pump also allows a short period of dry running, unloading stable, simple process, high efficiency, is now widely used by Sinopec, PetroChina and other large chemical enterprises.

lobe pump

The specific advantages of Ace lobe pumps in the petrol unloading process are as follows.

1、Vapour-liquid mixable: solves the vibration (cavitation, cavitation or air resistance phenomenon) during the unloading of traditional pumps and allows the petrol to be evacuated and discharged.

2、Emptying, dry-running capability: the pumping and purging process, the medium will be entrained in the gas, Ace lobe pump structure design to ensure that the pump can allow a short period of dry rotation, to ensure that the pump is not damaged when emptying.

3, strong suction capacity: this pump is used for tanker unloading to sweep the cabin, Ace lobe pump has a strong self-priming capacity, without the conditions of priming and filling the pump to achieve strong self-priming, than the traditional vacuum pump + centrifugal pump combination process has been simplified, the efficiency has been unprecedentedly improved.

4, the use of rubber fully covered rotor: compared to the metal rotor (basically no self-priming) fit clearance, Ace rotor engagement gap is smaller, so that ensures the suction capacity and ensure the rotor material media resistance capacity, greatly enhancing the service life.

5、No leakage seal design: ensure safe operation of media unloading trucks

6. The pump comes with a safety valve and is equipped with a frequency converter, inlet pressure transmitter and reactor, and the unloading speed can be controlled.

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