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May 11, 2022 View:

Ace Rotary Lobe Pump In The Marine Industry

As a fluid transfer device with diverse configurations, the lobe pump can be used for a wide range of conditions and media. Whether it is clean oil or sewage sludge with high levels of impurities and particles; whether it is a thin water fluid or a viscous gel; whether it is a neutral medium or a corrosive acid/alkali medium, Ace lobe pumps can always come up with a suitable configuration that is perfect for the application.

In addition, lobe pumps are also widely used in the marine industry. As a mature marine fluid transfer equipment, Ace Pumps is constantly refining and improving its technology and promoting its application concept, hoping to be recognised by more marine users and designs and to provide products and services for more offshore projects.

lobe pump

The advantages of Ace lobe pumps in the marine industry are described in more detail below

Vacuum drainage systems

The Ace lobe pump can be used to pump out and collect fouling from ships and marinas for centralised discharge to a designated location or for other uses. This system is known as a vacuum drainage system. The creation of this type of discharge system has eliminated the tedious inefficiency and environmental pollution of traditional processes and has facilitated the centralised disposal of fouling and the recycling of waste.

Advantages of Ace lobe pumps as vacuum sewage pumps.

1、Strong self-priming ability. Maximum suction range up to 9m.

2. All over-flow parts are designed for wear resistance, whether it is the pump casing with full wear-resistant lining on all sides or the diversified rotor design, which can maximize the service life of wearing parts and reduce the total operating cost.

3. simple system, no need to set up vacuum tanks.

4、Diversified forms of equipment installation, space-saving installation options are available and the equipment can be placed in small cabinets.

Fuel barging pumps, lubricating oil transfer pumps

The advantages of Ace lobe pumps as fuel transfer pumps are.

1. Stable pressure and controllable flow (flow is proportional to speed).

2, high efficiency, and the efficiency will not be significantly reduced with a significant increase in pressure.

The Ace lobe pump has a three-bladed spiral rotor, which provides a smooth and pulsation-free delivery.

4. Wide range of flow rates, from 1m3/h to 2000m3/h, with a variety of models available.

Sweeping pumps, line sweeping pumps

Characteristics and advantages of Ace lobe pumps for cabin/line sweeping applications.

1、Good self-priming performance.

2. Support for dry running. Unlike, for example, progressive cavity pumps, Ace lobe pumps are not sensitive to dry running, and even in the absence of material, an operating Ace lobe pump will not generate a large temperature rise in a short period of time and will not cause an overheating reaction in the over-flow friction parts. The reason for this is that the Ace lobe pump conveys the medium through the meshing rotation of two elastomer-clad rotors, which are not an overly rigid fit between the rotor and the stator as in the case of progressive cavity pumps, but an elastic fit between the elastomers.

3、On-line maintenance design. Equipment that can truly achieve online maintenance is the only equipment that truly meets customer needs; solves long-term use problems.

Ace lobe pumps are constantly improving their design to provide the most user-friendly equipment to our customers. Currently, Ace lobe pumps are equipped with easy-open housings, which can be opened by simply unscrewing the screws at the corners of the pump cover and removing/installing each part of the pump chamber one by one through the open housing, without removing the drive and without disassembling the piping.

Seawater pumps

Characteristics and advantages of Ace lobe pumps as seawater pumps ( self-priming ballast pumps, cooling water circulation pumps).

1. A wide range of corrosion-resistant materials for overflow components.

2. stable and efficient transmission.

3. Compact structure and small footprint.

4. A wide variety of installation methods.

Desalination by Membrane Treatment

In the early 50's, membrane technology was mentioned as a priority for desalination of seawater. Nowadays, membrane treatment has become the most economical desalination technology for seawater and bitter alkaline water. ace lobe pumps have been promoted as negative pressure suction pumps for ultrafiltration membranes and microfiltration membranes.

In addition to this, Ace lobe pumps are also used as sewage/oil pumps, liquid cargo pumps etc. in marine and offshore engineering.