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May 11, 2022 View:

Ace Rotary Lobe Pump In The Sugar Industry

The safe and effective pumping of abrasive, corrosive or highly viscous media remains a major challenge in transport and handling, whether in the petrochemical or food sector. Depending on the specific requirements of the industry, more than just ensuring a safe and trouble-free handling process is required. Pumping technology must be adapted to the specific media.

In the sugar industry, highly viscous liquids containing abrasive solids, such as sugar crystals in sugar paste or molasses, are a major burden for lobe pumps and other machines involved in pumping processes. In addition to the need to be resistant to abrasive foreign bodies, the technology also needs to work properly at high temperatures. The sugar crystals must not be damaged in the process, so the pumping process needs to be gentle and even tough.

The Ace lobe pump is a non-contact rotary displacement pump with low failure, smooth delivery and simple maintenance. It can reliably handle a wide range of liquids, especially highly viscous and abrasive media, and is ideally suited to the production of sugar paste or molasses and various processes in the sugar refining industry.

Advantages of Ace lobe pumps in the sugar industry.

1. Compact structure and small footprint.

2. smooth delivery, low pulsation and low shear to minimise unwanted sugar crystal damage.

3, the lobe pump wear parts have a long service life, the wear on the overflow parts mainly from the abrasive and corrosive components of the medium.

4. the robustness and low maintenance design of the lobe pump helps to minimise downtime.

5、Can be repaired online, no need to remove the pipeline when repairing, just open the pump cover with special tools and replace the damaged parts.

The lobe pump is ideally suited to handle all types of molasses, from light or primary molasses to concentrated red molasses. The rotor of the lobe pump is driven by an external variable speed gear, which protects the sugar crystals in the paste and molasses from damage during pumping. ace lobe pumps provide gentle and smooth pumping, thus avoiding pulsations. In addition, to prevent product leakage, Ace can use double-acting mechanical seals in the pump for demanding sugar paste and candy cream applications.