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May 11, 2022 View:

Ace Share The Working Principle And Structure Of The Rotary Lobe Pump And The Characteristics Have Been Shared

Rotor pump for some industries is a must-use product, but these industry bosses do not know much about lobe pumps, today Ace Pump Industry to tell you about the working principle and structure of lobe pumps and features.

The lobe pumps are constructed as follows.

The internal dismantling diagram of the lobe pump is simple in construction and the material of some components will change accordingly to the different industrial applications.


In the petrochemical industry, when dealing with dirty oil media, fluoroelastomer is used; when dealing with methanol, EPDM rubber is used.

In the municipal sector, for the treatment of activated sludge, we choose but*** rubber

In the chemical industry, for solution handling, we use 304L or 316L stainless steel.

In particular, the need to prevent leaks requires mechanical seals.

Pump casing

The pump casing is made of ductile iron and can be used in the general petroleum and petrochemical industries for dirty oil, sewage and municipal sludge. In special industries we will use stainless steel pump casings.

Pump cover

The pump cover is easy to open, which means that the entire pump body does not need to be separated from the motor and the piping does not need to be removed when replacing wearing parts, saving time and running costs.

The lobe pump works as follows.

The lobe pump is a type of positive displacement pump. A simple description of the transported medium relies on the differential pressure of atmospheric pressure, the medium does not come into contact with the inner wall of the pump body and can meet the process requirements of high pressure, high viscosity and strong self-priming. Our technical terminology is called working conditions requirements.

lobe pumps are characterised by the following.

1、Since the impeller of the lobe pump is separated from the transmission gear and a certain clearance is guaranteed between the parts in the pump cavity, the lobe pump will not produce wear and tear, low noise, good reliability, long service life, energy saving and consumption reduction.

2, lobe pump compact structure, easy maintenance, almost no wearing parts, low running costs.

3、It can convey three-phase mixture materials such as steam, liquid and solid. Can convey viscosity of 1000000CP and slurry solid content of 55% of the medium.

4、Using external dynamic and static ring type mechanical seal, can be directly washed, high pressure resistance, not easy to wear, no leakage.

5. The streamlined structure of the rotor, with no dead spots or non-metallic parts in the rotor cavity, avoids contamination of the transport material.

Warm reminder: the above is about the lobe pump working principle and structure and characteristics of the relevant introduction. If you want to know more about lobe pumps, or if you want to know what type of lobe pump is suitable for your product, you can consult Ace Pumps, we will produce lobe pumps according to your needs.