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May 11, 2022 View:

Ace Tells You The Characteristics And Working Principle Of Lobe Rotary Lobe Pump

The rotary lobe pump is an advanced fluid equipment with a rubber covered rotor, strong wear resistance, high precision rotor and casing clearance fit, strong self-priming force and high lift force. The pump is reliable, robust, energy efficient, can convey all kinds of viscous or granular media, highly efficient and energy saving, time and energy saving, no need for priming and filling the pump, suitable for all kinds of complex liquid media, dry installation, online maintenance, low cost, stable operation, self-priming, wear resistant and not easy to clog.

lobe pump

rotary lobe pump product features.

Durable rotor made of nano-composite wear-resistant rubber material, resistant to dry running, idling for more than 60 minutes, long service life, self-priming height of 9 m with air resistance technology, horizontal self-priming height of more than 100 m, suitable for all kinds of complex liquid media. Dry installation, online maintenance and low cost maintenance, smooth running, self-priming, resistant to wear and tear and not easily clogged.

Gas-liquid two-phase sealing technology

The special mechanical seal developed by the manufacturer has a unique structure, adequate lubrication, no air resistance and adequate convection of cooling medium, which can effectively prevent dry friction, high temperature, cracking and failure of the sealing surface and ensure normal operation of the pump set. Non-clogging, strong passability: ordinary plastic bags, woven bags, gravel, mud, hair and other debris will not affect the use of the pump.

Integrated and integrated control systems

The intelligent control system developed for this project uses an advanced embedded system for intelligent monitoring.

Working principle of rotary lobe pumps.

The rotary lobe pump relies on two rotors that rotate simultaneously in opposite directions to draw in material as they rotate at the inlet. The two rotors divide the rotor chamber into several small spaces and operate in an ABCD sequence.