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May 11, 2022 View:

Ace Tells You What Are The Benefits Of Ace Mobile Pump Truck

For some customers who prefer ease of use and in the case of long-term storage, the equipment can be rushed to the site at any time and put into operation immediately, Ace recommends that you still choose a mobile pump truck is better, the following is to tell you what benefits Ace mobile pump truck has.

lobe pump

The benefits of the Ace mobile pump truck are as follows.

1. Small size and high flow rate

The whole machine has a compact structure, beautiful appearance and the flow rate can reach 250~1500m/h. It can extract the water of a standard swimming pool in one hour.

2. Fully intelligent control

The Rohde rotary lobe pump controller can be equipped with control devices, automatic program and process control, automatic relay protection, automatic standby state detection and regular inspection.

3. Easy to maintain

Regular maintenance and operation by specialist personnel is not required. In the case of long-term storage, the equipment can be rushed to the site at any time and put into operation immediately.

4. Self-priming without adding water, and no need to cool with water

With the rotary lobe pump, water can be diverted without irrigation and sewage with debris can be pumped. In practice, lobe pumps can be equipped according to the actual head and flow rate.

5. Powerless movement, flexible

The accompanying equipment all has the advantage of being simple in structure, small in size and light in weight, and can be towed by a pick-up truck and moved by hand.

6. Long suction range, long discharge range

Horizontal suction up to 80 m, horizontal discharge up to 400 m.

7. Solid tyres, no inflation

With solid tyres, no need for inflation, high elasticity, high heat dissipation, low deformation rate, good wear resistance, puncture resistance, tear resistance and long service life. Suitable for harsh environments and high safety.

Warm reminder: the above is the introduction of Ace mobile pump truck what benefits. ace pump industry is not only good products, the manufacturer is the production, installation, testing, transport one-stop service, and after-sales service is great, ace mobile pump truck worth you have.