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May 11, 2022 View:

Ace Tells You What You Need To Be Careful About When Using Rotary Lobe Pumps Answered

When we use a rotor pump it is not true that nothing needs to be taken care of, otherwise it will lead to a shorter life span of the lobe pump and this will not be worth the cost. Here Ace will tell you what to be careful of when using a lobe pump.

The following need care when using lobe pumps.

The lobe pump is powered by two vanes rotating in reverse synchronously, creating a powerful suction force at the inlet to suck up and transport the required substance. The lobe pump continues to operate and what we need will be continuously supplied. Deliveries are made when necessary.

Before starting up, we need to check that there is enough oil in the gearbox and change the oil regularly. The usual replacement time is approximately 4000 hours. Before starting, we need to open the gates at the inlet and outlet of the pipeline. We need to turn the lobe pump by hand as we enter the medium. After confirming that it is normal, we can run it officially, the pump cannot be run when it is empty.

There are also precautions to be taken during the operation of the lobe pump. Pay attention to the power and operation of the motor during operation. If there are any abnormalities, operation will be stopped and the cause identified. One to three drops per minute are allowed in pumps with packing seals and should be tightened when the packing ring is exceeded. The mechanical seal should be free from leakage and heat.

Warm reminder: the above is about the use of lobe pump what need to be careful about the relevant content, the above introduced these precautions we must pay attention to, to maintain the lobe pump, hope that these help you.