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May 14, 2022 View:

Ace cam rotor pump at the 2017 World Environment Expo

lobe pump

?Ace cam lobe pump at the 2017 World Expo, a bright decade, thanks to your company.

Ace (Wenzhou) Pumps Co., Ltd. presented its new products and solutions in the field of environmental protection at the World Environment Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai from June 7 to 9, 2017. Ace's product structure is rigorously conceived and finely crafted while focusing on practicality, raising the lobe lobe pump equipment to a higher level from the overall perspective.

As a professional manufacturer of lobe lobe pump, Ace has won the reputation of our customers for its technological innovation, attention to detail, commitment to excellence and international brand values.

lobe pump

Ace (Wenzhou) Pumps Co., Ltd. "takes the environmental protection field as the core", the exhibition site, not only a large number of overseas engineering The exhibition site, not only a large number of overseas engineers busy with Ace cam lobe pump technology docking, but also a large number of social environmental protection people to understand the latest application of Ace cam lobe pump in the environmental protection field, Ace lobe pump in the environmental protection industry for decades, from the initial sewage treatment plant sludge feed pump to the primary sedimentation tank mud discharge, traveling suction sand pump, secondary sedimentation tank sludge reflux pump, residual sludge pump; water reuse treatment - MBR membrane treatment negative pressure suction pump; thickener: inlet mud pump, outlet mud pump; regulating tank sewage lifting pump; digester: inlet and outlet mud pump; digestate transfer pump; lime slurry dosing pump, flocculant dosing pump, slaked lime dosing pump; dosing metering pump: activated carbon solution transfer pump, etc., Ace has been constantly adding to the cause of environmental protection.