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May 14, 2022 View:

Ace cam rotor pump truck adds a powerful tool for emergency drainage in the living area of Jiangxi High-tech Development Zone

lobe pump

The Jiangxi Hongcheng Water Industry Co. There are already nearly 10,000 people living and working in and around the area. How to solve the sewage discharge generated by so many people has become a big problem that the development zone government and Hongcheng Water urgently need to solve. Build a temporary sewage pumping station? In October 2009, at the "2009 International Symposium on Urban Drainage System Overflow Pollution Control", Hongcheng Water Industry Company saw the unique feature of Ace emergency mobile pumping station with 8.5m self-priming and 30m head, and decided to purchase the first Ace emergency mobile pumping truck in China.

lobe pump

In May 2010, when seeing the emergency mobile pumping truck pumping out the sewage from a depth of 8 meters and transporting it effortlessly to the city sewerage 3.1 kilometers away, the company decided to purchase the first Ace emergency mobile pumping truck.

When we saw the emergency mobile pumping from 8 meters deep and transporting the sewage effortlessly to the city sewer network pipeline 3.1 kilometers away, passing two hillsides with slopes over 15 degrees and 10 meters high on the way, all the relevant people present showed their astonished eyes. It is a solution to the current urgent sewage problem, and at the same time has an emergency mobile pumping station, adding a new weapon in the municipal emergency drainage, urban flood control and emergency water supply.