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Apr 20, 2022 View:

Ace homogenizer mixer delivered to process acrylic emulsions

After 45days, Ace finished the production of inline homogenizer pump, which will be delivered to a chemical company for polyacrylic emulsion homogenizing.  homogenizer pump is equipped with 2 stage rotor and stator, 132kW motor and capacity is 100m3/H. 


inline homogenizer pump



More applications for inline homogenizer pump.



Refined chemistry: Pigment, dyestuff, plastic auxiliaries, textile auxiliaries, adhesives, resin emulsion, hot melt adhesive, sealing compound, glue, pulp, finishing agent, surface active agent, carbon black disperse, adhesive-proof agent, mold release agent, defoaming agent, fluorine cleaning agent, polishing agent, leather auxiliaries, pigment paste, wax emulsion, bactericide, coagulant, etc.
Petrochemistry: Lubricant, heavy oil emulsion, diesel oil emulsion, modified asphalt, catalyzer, wax emulsion etc.
Biology & Pharmaceuticals: Injection, antibiotic, medical emulsion, medical paste, health products, mini-capsule emulsion, cell breaker, etc.
Paint & ink: Printing ink, paint, emulsion paint, building coating, nanometer coating, photocureable coating, coating auxiliaries, carbon black disperse, print ink, glaze, bentonite, etc.
Farm chemicals: Pesticide, herbicide, medicinal butter, fertilizer, pesticide adjuvant, etc.
Nanometer materials: Disperse and dis-aggregation for nanometer medium, etc.
Food stuff industry: Juice, jam, ice-cream, milk products, food addictive, tea drink, chocolate, bean milk, essence, milk, etc.
Consumer chemistry: Fluid detergent, skim cream, lip paste, face foam, silicon lio emulsion, household essence, skin care, cosmetics, etc.

Paper making: Pulp, filling, fry strength agent, wet strength agent, sizing agent, filtering agent, anti-foaming agent spreading, water treatment chemicals, etc.