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May 14, 2022 View:

Ace lobe double rotor pump is widely used in various fields

Guide: Imported pumps have been occupying the whole market for a long time, resulting in the high cost of purchase while the cost of replacement parts is not low when the parts are being replaced. So for a while, it was actually very inconvenient for many users. But now Ace's self-developed lobe double lobe pump emerged as a good replacement for imported pumps in terms of function, so users can see the emergence of this pump, it can not be said not to rejoice, then, the characteristics of this lobe double lobe pump do you know? The following is a brief introduction.

1. Improved vacuum and discharge pressure

The lobe double lobe pump features the effect of using two rotors for synchronous motion, which allows the rotors to be driven by the drive shaft for synchronous reverse rotational motion, so there is a good improvement in vacuum and discharge pressure.

2. Characteristics of the applicable media

For example, the production of medical drugs requires a relatively high vacuum environment and a transfer pump, and this pump is well suited for that. Another feature of this pump is that it is resistant to corrosive and high viscosity media, which means that even if corrosive and difficult to pass media is transmitted in this pump, there is no problem.

Ace cam type double lobe pump are now being used by industries such as chemical and petroleum, various chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, food plants, environmental type material production sites and some special paper industries, all prefer to use this double lobe pump which is enough to replace imported pumps. So many times now, manufacturers are not choosing imported ones because they are expensive and have high maintenance costs as well as high replacement parts costs.