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May 18, 2022 View:

Ace lobe pump common failures and precautions

You may have heard of Ace lobe pump, but don't know exactly what it is used for. Here is an introduction for you: It is used to transport water, waste water, sewage, slurry, viscous liquids, etc. It consists of shell, rotor, wear plate, and mechanical seal. As a non-contact, rotary type volumetric pump, the lobe pump has become an indispensable product in the pump industry and in the field of wastewater management technology by today. I. What are the more common failures of Ace lobe pumps: 1. No flow or insufficient flow: low inlet pressure. Check the inlet pipeline to make the pressure reach the specified requirements, otherwise cavitation may occur; the inlet pipeline is blocked; the rotor is badly worn and there is leakage; safety valve problems. The safety valve should be checked for poor sealing; the speed is too low; the viscosity is too low. Need to check the working range of the pump, if necessary, should be reselected. 2, there is abnormal vibration noise: large eccentric coupling or poor lubrication; gas in the pump; motor failure; poor installation at the shaft seal; shaft deformation or wear. 3, sudden pump stop: power failure; motor overload protection; coupling damage; export pressure is too high, chain reaction. Second, the equipment in the process of using any small fault remember not to let it work, should pay attention to the following points: 1, the lobe pump shaft packing completely worn to add in time, if you continue to use will leak. The direct impact of this is the increase in motor energy consumption and thus damage to the impeller. 2, the lobe pump in the process of use, if a strong vibration occurs, must stop to check the cause, otherwise the same will cause damage to the lobe lobe pump. 3, when the lobe pump bottom valve leakage, some people will use dry soil into the lobe lobe pump inlet pipe, water to the bottom valve, such a practice is not desirable. This is because when the dry soil is put into the inlet pipe, it will enter the pump when the lobe pump starts working, which will damage the pump impeller and bearings and shorten the service life of the lobe lobe pump. 4, the lobe pump must pay attention to maintenance after use. Check carefully whether there are cracks on the impeller, whether the impeller is fixed on the bearing is loose, if there are cracks and loose phenomenon to repair in time. 5, the interface between the lobe pump and the pipeline must be well sealed, because if there are debris into the words will cause damage to the inside of the pump. 6, for the bearing on the lobe pump is also the focus of inspection, check whether the bearing has wear after use.