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Ace lobe pump for phenol

Ace lobe pump for phenol


Ace rotary lobe pump with heating jacket has worked on transferring the liquid which is easy to coagulate, especially for the transport of high viscosity liquids.


Here want to share our Ace jacket lobe pump used for pumping phenol.We named this pump asphenol transfer pump. Phenol is a liquid at normal temperature. It will burn when exposed to an naked flame. It is volatile and can explode when mixed with air. So the ex-proof motor is necessary. Phenol needs to be transported at 140°C, and it will solidify at 41℃, so we have to install a heating jacket, and the steam is supplied to achieve the thermal insulation effect. The liquid contains traces of TiO2 solid particles, so the rotor should be hardened. This pump is used to unload the material on the construction site, and the customer asks to make a small opening on the right side of the flange for easy cleaning.


Sharing two questions our customers cared about.

1. The gap between the rotor and the pump body only 0.3mm, whether it cause the rotor expand due to high temperature during the process of conveying the material, then resulting in the rotor being stuck?

No, We can guarantee that each rotor has enough space to withstand high temperatures without causing jamming, It can be used normally under 300℃.


2. Does the condensate formed in the insulation jacket need to be discharged? Whether it will affect using of pump?

No, when the liquid product is continuously supplied, condensed water will not form in the jacket. When the pump is turned on again, the condensed water in the pump will rise due to the temperature of the pumped liquid, then it will turn into water vapor again.



Below is photos for the delivery pump. Some months later, we will update their using feedback. If you have similar pump demand, welcome to contact us


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