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May 14, 2022 View:

Ace multi-purpose mobile pumping station features and applications (application of lobe rotor pump mobile pump truck)

Features and applications of Ace multi-purpose mobile pumping station (application of mobile pump truck for cam lobe pump)


Ace mobile pump leads the lobe pump industry to a new platform based on its mature lobe pump technology, while deriving mobile pump trucks and supporting appurtenances that better meet the needs of different industries.

Composition of Ace mobile pump

The composition of Ace mobile pump includes: Ace lobe pump, drive part, control part, mobile frame part, and others.

■ Ace lobe pump set

Ace lobe lobe pump set is the core component of multi-purpose mobile pumping station. As a positive displacement pump, it has many features that centrifugal pumps do not have, such as stable pressure, smooth and pulsation-free operation, high efficiency, etc.

■ Driving part

Ace mobile pumping trucks used outside the plant are mostly driven by diesel engine. Choose the well-known brand of diesel engine, noise and emissions are guaranteed to meet the standard of use in the city, the larger models of diesel engines can be equipped with silencers.

Ace mobile pumps used in the plant can be equipped with the appropriate drive according to the user's needs. In addition to diesel drive, geared motor drive, hydraulic drive, etc. are available.

■ Control section

Includes PLC control system and LCD display to show the flow, pressure, speed and other data of the pump station. Ensure the user has a real-time grasp of the working conditions in use.

■ Mobile frame part

Ace offers a wide range of mobile frames for users to choose from, from the simplest hand-push type to the standard four-wheeled vehicle suspended by a motor vehicle, whether it is for emergency pumping of a small amount of material inside the plant or for large-scale pumping outside the plant, Ace can provide the most suitable mobile model.

■ Other features

The mobile pumping system also comes with a convenient removable rain cloth, rigid steel plate acoustic enclosure, hose wrap bar, hose stacking cabinet, maintenance tool box, spare oil drum and other accessories to choose from.

Features of Ace mobile pumps

Ace has developed and produced multi-purpose mobile pumping stations that are used in a wide range of applications worldwide. Its main features are:

1) strong self-priming capability (8m vertically, 200m+ horizontally), strong anti-clogging ability, easy maintenance, can pump high viscosity, high solids content media, large flow range, etc. Years of experience have shown that Ace mobile pumps are very suitable for a variety of complex, changing applications, and its easy maintenance features eliminate the user's worries.

Various combinations are available to provide the best configuration for each application.

Good self-priming performance: The Ace cam pump, the core structure of the mobile pump combination, can reach a self-priming height of 8 meters and a horizontal self-priming height of more than 200 meters without the need to divert and fill the pump. After the pump truck arrives at the site, it only needs to connect the inlet and outlet pipes, and then it can be put into use immediately. It is especially suitable for sewage and sludge pumping in municipal sewerage system.

2) Non-clogging and strong ability to pass impurities. Ordinary plastic bags, sand and gravel, woven bags, mud, hair and other debris will not affect the use of the pump.

3) Support dry running. The pump body is strong, durable and long-lasting. The pump set speed is only 300-500 rpm, and the system is more stable under low speed conditions.

4) The easy maintenance design of the Ace lobe pump and its accompanying setup is also a highlight of this mobile pump combination.

Applications of Ace mobile pumps

The main uses include:

1, emergency drainage of water in depressions such as underground buildings, courts and roads, rescue and relief, and flood fighting;

2, given that the horizontal distance of the pump truck's discharge can be more than 3000m, it can temporarily replace fixed urban pumping stations;

3, sewage pumping well accident emptying, sewage pumping station accident pumping, water plant cesspool, sludge pond emptying;

4, municipal sewerage system sewage, sludge emptying pumping;

5, factory, tanker accident after the emergency transfer of oil, liquid substances, chemical sludge, etc.

6, surface flushing water pumping after the accident;

7, emergency water supply pumping station, pump internal Overflow parts are equipped with stainless steel, and several pump trucks used in series can be used as temporary water supply pumping stations;

8、Seawater transfer.

At present, the demand for mobile suction pumps in China is becoming more and more obvious, and Ace multi-purpose mobile pumping stations have been widely used in Kunming drainage, petrochemical industry, oilfield emergency centers and certain urban municipal industries. ace will continue to uphold the concept of innovation, constantly improve the technology and performance of mobile pumping trucks, and further promote them to various fields.