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May 11, 2022 View:

Advantages Of Lobe Pumps For Ship Ballast Water Transfer

Ballast water is water that is injected specifically to keep a ship in balance. Ballast water is essential for the safe navigation of a ship, especially for ships that are not carrying the right amount of cargo. The right amount of ballast water ensures that the ship's propellers are fully drafted, minimises hull vibration caused by the ship's wake and maintains propulsion efficiency.

Normally, after the vessel has discharged its cargo, ballast water is drawn into the appropriate tank. When the vessel is reloaded, the ballast water is discharged back into the sea water. This requires the use of ballast pumps.

The advantage of the Ace lobe pump over centrifugal pumps is that the filling and draining of the tank can be achieved by simply reversing the direction. No additional controls are required.

In addition, the Ace lobe pump has an automatic start and idle function. It can be adjusted periodically, enabling more precise control of the balance of the vessel. The pump is available in an explosion-proof version and is mounted on deck.

The lobe pump is a non-contact volumetric pump with the advantages of high efficiency, strong self-priming, low pulsation, wear resistance and forward and reverse rotation, and is suitable for conveying highly viscous and multi-phase flow media. At present, the lobe pump has become the best alternative to centrifugal, gear and screw pumps, and also has a wide range of applications in the fields of environmental protection, sewage treatment and petrochemicals.