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May 11, 2022 View:

Advantages Of Lobe Rotary Lobe Pumps For Hand-Pushed Mobile Pump Trucks

The hand-push mobile lobe pump truck is a diesel or electric motor directly driven rotary lobe pump. This pump truck can be used not only for quick and small drainage treatment in factories and construction sites, flood control and drainage, emergency drainage. It can also be used to clear tank bottoms of oil sludge, cesspool cleaning and other processes that require a pump with a strong self-priming function.

lobe pump

In addition to strong self-priming, the medium in the petroleum and petrochemical industry is complex, with particulate matter, dirty oil, sewage, aromatics and other chemicals, so there are high requirements for resistance to wear and tear and corrosion in addition to strong self-priming.

In addition to meeting performance requirements, maintenance methods need to be easy and reduce costs in the later stages of use.

For example, mobile trolleys are generally small pumps, light in weight, with drives, control cabinets and other auxiliary devices that enable one person and up to two others to push the trolley to its destination area.

When replacing wearing parts, online maintenance is possible without extensive dismantling of the pumping unit, only the pump cover needs to be opened for inspection of parts and replacement of spare parts.

The service life of spare parts is also a key concern for customers. If the replacement cycle of spare parts for mobile pump trucks reaches 18 months, the price of spare parts accounts for less than 10% of the whole pump, reducing the comprehensive use cost of customers.