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May 11, 2022 View:

Advantages Of Rotary Lobe Pumps For Sludge Lifting In Sedimentation Tanks

The lobe pump's high wear resistance, non-clogging, easy removal and replacement of the rotor, and strong self-priming characteristics meet the requirements of highly efficient sedimentation tank chemical sludge treatment in wastewater plant renovation projects. Generally speaking, the average replacement cycle time of rotor parts is between 2.5 and 3 years, and the comprehensive use cost is low during the service life of 10 to 20 years.

The lobe pump can meet the requirements of a strong self-priming 5.5 m for the chemical sludge treatment of high efficiency sedimentation tanks. The self-priming capacity does not require an auxiliary device, no priming and filling of the pump is required, the machine can be put into operation at start-up, allowing 25 minutes of separate air evacuation time.

lobe pump

For large particles in the sludge, long flocs do not become clogged and entangled. The reasons for this are: the three-bladed rubber-covered rotor itself is highly wear-resistant; the highly integrated design of the lobe pump allows for a relatively short residence time of the sludge in the pump chamber.

The highly integrated design also allows the lobe pump to have a small footprint, which saves on civil construction costs.

The MIP online maintenance capability of the lobe pump makes maintenance of the pump simple, no need to remove the piping or the motor to replace parts, just open the pump cover and see the entire internal structure.

These are the advantages of lobe pumps for sludge lifting in sedimentation tanks. Zhejiang Ace Pump Section is a pump manufacturer focusing on the development, production, sales and service of rotary lobe pumps and lobe pumps in one. Welcome to call us: +086-18626835909