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May 11, 2022 View:

Analysis Of The Reasons For The Use Of Lobe Rotary Lobe Pumps In Mbr Membrane Treatment Process

Today, more and more municipal wastewater plants or water plants use rotary lobe pumps for their MBR membrane treatment process for the following main reasons.

1, negative pressure pumping booster on this application, the rotary lobe pump provides a special cooling method mechanical seal, if the lubricant in the intermediate isolation cavity leakage will lead to the application of water pollution, so as to ensure zero pollution when dealing with water. Generally in the process of pressurisation, the pressure difference with the ordinary sludge tank conveyance is not large.

2, membrane pool backwashing is not only the process of suction, in the backwashing process, the pump flushing effect determines the membrane treatment effect and service life, after a long period of operation of the membrane pool cleaning work, the use of cam lobe pump to achieve a pump dual use, because of its forward and reverse function, can easily complete the pump flushing work (traditional membrane treatment process, need to be designed to place two pumps, one for the membrane pool suction pressure, the other is used for the membrane pool maintenance cleaning, both waste of space, and increase costs, and the operation is very inconvenient). This wastes space, increases costs and is very inconvenient to operate).

These are the reasons why MBR membrane treatment process uses cam lobe pumps. Zhejiang Ace Pump Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of spiral rotary lobe pumps and centrifugal pumps with design and development, manufacturing and sales service in one. Our rotary lobe pump products are widely used in oil and grease, petrochemicals, clearance and tank sweeping, underground and high speed railway sewage, breeding sewage, food waste treatment and other fields, and have won a good performance and reputation.