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May 18, 2022 View:

Analysis of the advantages of sludge lobe pump

Currently this sludge lobe pump is widely used for centrifuge feeding, plate and frame filter press feeding, sedimentation tank sludge transfer, rotary sludge transfer.
Advantages of sludge lobe pump
1. The use of elastomer rotor not only makes it durable and resistant to high temperature of 120℃, but also has very good wear resistance. The use of a unique spiral rotor profile optimization design improves the internal flow characteristics, improves anti-cavitation performance, achieves low pulsation and rate delivery, delays rotor life and reduces maintenance costs.
2. Seal design with combined floating mechanical seals to ensure continuous sealing of media temperatures up to 120°C. All mechanical seals are one part and can be replaced or inspected after opening the pump cover. Different mechanical seal materials are selected according to different transmission media. All O-rings are also selected different materials according to the characteristics of the medium.
3. Replaceable wear plates are installed at both ends of the axial direction, and circular wear bushings are also installed inside the pump body to protect the pump casing from abrasion and prolong the life of the pump. The materials of wear plates and wear bushings are made of wear-resistant materials with strong wear resistance and acid and alkaline resistance (PH value 1 to 13). Without disassembling the pump body, the wear plates and wear bushings are easy to check and replace.
4. The middle isolation cavity design is used to isolate the overflow pump cavity and gear cavity. It prevents the medium from polluting the gear chamber and prevents the gear chamber lubricant from entering the overflow pump chamber and polluting the medium. The lubricant of the middle isolation chamber lubricates the mechanical seal, which ensures the normal operation of the pump in idle or in vacuum condition.