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May 18, 2022 View:

Analysis of the characteristics and advantages of the sludge lobe pump

sludge lobe pump belongs to a kind of conveying machinery with high viscosity concentration of discharge, and at present, the front-end sewage sludge of our filter press, in general, is conveyed by sludge lobe pump. The sludge lobe pump, also known as a lobe lobe pump, achieves the purpose of sludge conveying through fine adjustment of the manufacturing process, together with a gas-diesel motor, to meet the needs of the work station.
The sludge lobe pump is very easy to install, the advantage is the small footprint, the operation is very simple, generally quick to start, people can easily grasp its working essentials, and this sludge lobe pump is also very simple to repair after the failure, its supporting motor power is small, not like some other pumps produce a lot of noise.
The sludge lobe pump features advantages:
1. Forward and reverse rotation, the direction of operation can be changed by changing the motor connection direction;
2. Online maintenance, the maintenance of the sludge lobe pump is online maintenance, maintenance without removing the pipeline, using the supporting tools to open the pump cover, disassemble the spare parts to be replaced;
3. The price is also very affordable, and the cost of maintenance or replacement parts at a later stage is not as expensive as with screw pumps.