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May 18, 2022 View:

Analysis of the characteristics of the use of lobe pumps

lobe pumps are suitable for conveying heavy oil, asphalt, resin, detergent, gum and other media that have solidification at room temperature without solid particles and at a temperature not higher than 300°C. They are also suitable for outdoor installation in alpine regions and for applications requiring thermal insulation in the process. When the gears rotate, the volume of the space on the disengaged side of the gears changes from small to large to form a vacuum, and the volume of the space on the engaged side of the gears changes from large to small to squeeze the liquid into the pipeline. The suction chamber and the discharge chamber are separated by the meshing line of the two gears. The pressure at the discharge of the lobe pump depends entirely on the size of the resistance at the pump outlet. The lobe pump relies on the working volume change and movement between the pump cylinder and the meshing gear to transport liquid or make it pressurized rotary pump. The structure and working principle of external double gear oil pump: a pair of intermeshing gears and the pump cylinder separate the suction and discharge chambers. When the lobe pump gears rotate, the volume between the teeth on the side of the suction chamber where the teeth are separated from each other gradually increases, the pressure decreases, and the liquid enters between the teeth under the action of pressure difference. As the gears rotate, the liquid between the teeth is carried to the discharge cavity one by one. At this time, the volume between the teeth at the side of the discharge chamber where the gears mesh gradually decreases, and the liquid is discharged. lobe pumps are external gear oil pumps with a combination of circular and sine curve teeth. The pump has a wide range of transport media, and the output flow and pressure are stable. The pump body is equipped with heat preservation jacket pump for heating, heat preservation and cooling. When the viscosity of the conveyed medium is greater than 1500cSt, the deceleration drive method should be adopted. lobe pump is simple and compact, easy to manufacture, convenient maintenance, self-priming ability, but the flow, pressure pulsation and noise is large. Gear oil pump must be equipped with a safety valve to prevent damage to the pump or the prime mover due to some reasons such as blockage of the discharge pipe to make the pump outlet pressure exceed the allowable value.