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May 18, 2022 View:

Analysis of the operating advantages of the lobe pump and routine maintenance

Analysis of the operating advantages and routine maintenance of the lobe pump lobe pump can transport high viscosity, high concentration of lubricious media without solid particles or fine Microsoft particles; high efficiency, stable function, long service life. High viscosity pump can choose insulation jacket structure, when transporting relatively high viscosity materials can be high viscosity pump insulation, and then reduce the viscosity of the medium, to reach a very good transport role, and single screw pump without insulation jacket structure; high viscosity pump in use for a period of time, if the pump internal gap wear, no need to dismantle the pump can adjust the pump gap according to the viscosity of the material transported by the high viscosity pump, after adjustment and The new pump can reach the same outstanding use effect. Stainless steel lobe pump in the usual use of attention to retain electric pumping pump should be placed in a dry, clean and no corrosive gas environment. The lobe pump retains every part and interchangeable parts, when dismantling and inspecting the lobe pump, each part should be retained, pay special attention to the explosion-proof surface of the parts should not be damaged and stretched, including the insulation liner and casing, such as damage, it is necessary to interchangeable on the new same parts, shall not use substitute materials lower than the function of the raw material or the original standard does not match the parts, the installation should be installed all parts according to the original position, can not Missing. Stainless steel lobe pump often grease, electric oil drum pump for high-speed operation, grease is easy to evaporate, so it is necessary to make the bearing lubrication can keep clean, and pay attention to add change. lobe pump can be equipped with a safety valve, when the pump or pipeline system overpressure, the safety valve opens, forming an internal backflow to ensure the safety of the system. And single screw pump in the pump itself can not set the safety valve, can only be set in the pipeline, raising the equipment input cost and installation cost. When choosing a high viscosity pump, it is necessary to consider the viscosity of the medium transported by the high viscosity pump, and then to determine the speed scale of the NYP internal mesh lobe pump, based on the speed scale of the high viscosity pump and the normal flow scale of the high viscosity pump under the required working conditions, before the specific model of the lobe pump is determined. The need to pay attention to the usual media can be so to choose. The lobe pump often check repair, electric oil drum pump should often check, repair, shall check the power line: internal wiring, plug, switch is not outstanding, insulation resistance is not normal, brush tail seat is something loose, commutator and brush touch outstanding, armature winding level expansion stator winding is not a moderate disconnected appearance, bearing and rolling parts are not damaged and so on. lobe pump pay attention to the insulation resistance, long time placed without or in the wet environment of the use of electric pumping pump, it is necessary to use 500 table to measure the insulation resistance of the winding before use. If the insulation resistance between the winding and the motor shell is less than 7, it is necessary to dry the winding.