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May 18, 2022 View:

Analysis of the product characteristics of the lobe lobe pump

Cam lobe pump has replaced most of the high energy consumption and noisy vacuum pumps due to its small energy consumption and noise characteristics, for example: the vacuum dewatering department of a paper mill, after replacing the previous vacuum pump with a stainless steel cam lobe pump, the noise is greatly reduced and the power saving reaches more than 40%, and the factory can buy another pump with the electricity cost saved in one quarter. Enough to illustrate its role in energy saving and consumption reduction in the paper industry. In short, the role of energy saving in industry, very suitable for the promotion of nationwide.

lobe pump

Product Features
The rotor and the rotor are always free from friction and have a long service life.
Simple installation and disassembly, convenient protection and cleaning, less wearing parts.
Energy saving, smooth transportation, low failure rate, reliable sealing, low noise.
It can guarantee the reliability of continuous mission and no-leakage moment.
With the use of special materials, the screw pump can transport sludge, sewage and other media rich in solid particles.
It can transport medium viscosity of 500000cp and slurry with 70% solid content.
It can transport the mixture of steam, liquid and solid flow.
Equipped with frequency converter, the flow rate can be adjusted at will, and can be used as a general metering pump. According to user's demand, heat preservation equipment can be added to the pump shell. 
Applicable temperature -50℃~350℃. According to the user connection requirements, optional flange type, screw type, fast interface type.