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May 18, 2022 View:

Analysis of the reasons why those sludge lobe pumps do not produce water

Sludge lobe pump is formed by professional design without winding blockage phenomenon, and also has anti-leakage protection at the same time, which further ensures the stability and reliability of the sludge lobe pump in use. The operation is simple and convenient, so it is easier to grasp the working essentials of the lobe pump and will not produce as much noise as other pumps. In the process of using the lobe pump, there will often be no water suction, so the cause of sludge lobe pump does not come out of the water due to the inlet pipe and the pump body air it, its main then there are the following four factors.
(1) The horizontal section of the inlet pipe in contact with the lobe pump should have a downward slope of 0.5% or more against the direction of water flow, and the end connected to the inlet of the lobe pump should not be completely horizontal. If it is cocked upward, air will be stored in the inlet pipe, which reduces the vacuum in the water pipe and lobe pump and affects water suction.
(2) The packing of the lobe pump has been worn out due to long-term use or the packing is pressed too loosely, causing a large amount of water to be ejected from the gap between the packing and the pump shaft sleeve, with the result that the external air enters the interior of the pump from these gaps and affects the water lifting.
(3) The inlet pipe has holes in the pipe wall corrosion due to long-term potential underwater, and the water surface keeps falling after the lobe pump works, and when these holes are exposed to the water surface, the air enters the civil inlet pipe from the holes.
(4) Cracks at the bend of the inlet pipe and tiny gaps at the connection of the inlet pipe and the pump may make air enter the inlet pipe.
The internal structure of the sludge lobe pump makes it work without any parts wear and tear. All the parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel, and the synchronous rotation of the rotor in work keeps a certain gap between each other without any contact, so there is no wear and tear in theory. The sludge lobe pump has a good prospect for development because of its good conveying performance.
The sludge lobe pump has a good future because of its good performance.