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May 11, 2022 View:

Application Advantages Of Return Sludge Rotary Lobe Pump

The return sludge is the activated sludge that is separated from the secondary sedimentation tank and returned to the biological end, with the aim of maintaining a certain concentration of suspended solids in the aeration tank. In this process, the pump must have good pumping capacity.

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Reasons why sludge needs to be returned.

1. Send the sludge out of the sludge tank, otherwise it will accumulate and produce an overflow with the water.

2. Ensure that there are sufficient microorganisms to mix with the influent water so that there is sufficient MISS in the aeration tank to maintain a suitable sludge load.

Advantages of lobe pumps for sludge return.

Sludge wear: It is normal for sludge to wear out the pump, requiring rotor and stator replacement on a time basis (for progressive cavity pumps).

Equipment maintenance costs: the initial purchase of the lobe pump does not meet the owner's requirements, but the cost of later parts is 5% - 10% of the whole pump; the process of replacement is simple: the rotor can be replaced by simply removing the pump cover in the pipeline, without removing the motor.

Pump footprint: ground mounted, 1/3 the size of a progressive cavity pump.

Energy saving and environmental protection: about this first point, many customers are not convinced, but after seeing the industrial electricity consumption at the end of the month, it will surprise you.

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