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May 14, 2022 View:

Application of Ace biogas processing system in biogas engineering (screw conveyor cutter rotor pump)

Ace biogas processing system in biogas project (screw conveyor, cutter, lobe pump)

Biogas is still a sunrise industry in China, and in the following time, the development of biogas should be more and more valued by the country and favored by the people.

Ace can provide a complete set of equipment from the addition of processing raw materials to the separation of biogas output. It can be divided into three parts:

Feedstock adding and conveying equipment, biogas tank, biogas liquid output and separation equipment

I. Feedstock adding and conveying equipment:

■ Ace screw feeder

A powerful twin-shaft screw feeder to force dry and semi-dry biological materials (straw, potatoes, potatoes, carrots, etc.) into the conveying pipe. It is insensitive to the dryness and abrasiveness of the additive.

■ Ace Shear

The Ace Shear is a highly efficient shredding and cutting machine, located at the back end of the screw feeder in the biogas processing system, that cuts the large volume of feedstock added to the pipeline to bring it to a pumping-friendly state.

Ace shears are similar in construction to Ace lobe pumps. In the cutting chamber, two different cutting knives that can bite into each other are mounted on two parallel shafts, which rotate one after another with the reverse rotation of the parallel shafts, so that the medium flowing through the conveying chamber is multiply squeezed, crushed, and torn to achieve complete crushing.

■ Ace lobe pump - Biogas feedstock transfer pump

Ace lobe pump is a highlight of the Ace biogas system. The features and advantages of the lobe pump are quite obvious compared to the traditional single screw transferring biological feedstock. First, when the lobe pump conveys media, the media fills the closed cavity formed by the rotor and the pump wall and discharges with the movement of the cavity, so the lobe pump is most suitable for conveying media with high particulate content and large particle diameter such as biogas feedstock; second, the conveying part of the Ace lobe pump is two resilient-contact lobe rotors, and the rotors are available in a variety of materials and configurations that are both wear-resistant and adaptable. Third, Ace lobe pumps also have the advantages of in-line maintenance, compact structure, small footprint, few wearing parts (only a pair of rotors and mechanical seals), and long life of wearing parts; fourth, the lobe pump is a highly efficient volumetric pump, and its starting torque and operating torque are lower than those of progressive cavity pumps under the same operating conditions, and from the perspective of energy saving, Ace lobe pumps are the first choice for biological feedstock transfer.

Bio-liquid output and separation equipment-Ace solid-liquid separation system

Ace solid-liquid separation system is an innovative product and technology from Ace. It is mainly used to separate methane into solids and liquids, and the two separated parts are transported out by two Ace cam pumps in a closed system.

The Ace biogas system is already widely used in Europe as a proven process equipment. At the same time, Ace will serve the majority of Chinese customers with its advanced technology and full application experience.