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May 11, 2022 View:

Can A Rotary Lobe Pump Transport Cow Manure?

The rotor pump is a volumetric lobe pump with low speed, smooth transport and good passing performance. It can transport media with a viscosity of 100,000 cp and slurries with a maximum solids content of 60%. The non-clogging design of the lobe pump ensures the passage of large diameter materials, up to 80 mm in diameter.

According to fieldwork, the solids content of cattle manure is basically kept at 20% and the viscosity at 10,000 cp, so the lobe pump is able to meet the requirements of the working conditions.

Advantages of lobe pumps in the livestock industry.

1, lobe pump conveying distance is short, unlike the screw pump has a long contact line, so the particles through the capacity of large, small structure size, occupy a small area, high efficiency, the required maintenance space is small, good wear and corrosion resistance, maintenance costs are low.

2. The rotary lobe pump can reverse the medium and can withstand dry running for short periods without the pump being damaged.

3、The use of spiral type rotor impeller can solve the problem of pressure fluctuation, basically to achieve no pulsation conveying medium.