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May 11, 2022 View:

Can A Rotary Lobe Pump Transport Solids?

In general, the transport of media containing solid particles on the wear characteristics of the pump and through the ability of higher requirements, now the lobe pump pump rotor material has a lot, such as rubber material, ductile iron, copper and stainless steel, etc., can be based on the transport of media containing solid particles to choose the appropriate rotor material to improve the wear resistance.

Ace lobe pumps have a unique advantage in conveying media containing solids. The lobe pump is a volumetric pump, relying on the change in the volume of the pump cavity to convey the liquid pump, conveying media containing solid particles through a high capacity.

Ace lobe pumps have great advantages in conveying media containing solids, with a wide inlet design, wear-resistant protective liner, fully rubber covered rotor and high self-priming power. In addition, Ace lobe pumps have a non-clogging design, which ensures the passage of large diameter materials, up to a maximum passage diameter of 80 mm.