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May 11, 2022 View:

Can Rotary Lobe Pumps Be Selected For Waste Crude Oil Backflow?

Ships and tankers accumulate a large amount of waste crude oil in their tanks after a long period of time. This waste crude oil can be recovered using high viscosity pumps and then treated for secondary use. During the recovery process, the tanks are usually swept and emptied. In the process of emptying the tanks, chemicals are added to reduce viscosity, remove sand and dewater, so the following points need to be taken into account in the selection of pumps.

1. various solid impurities contained within the waste crude oil, i.e. the requirements for pump life

2. High viscosity / high efficiency requirements for use

3、Later maintenance cost

4、The bottom of the tank should be treated in accordance with the characteristics of gas-liquid mixed transport

As a volumetric pump, the lobe pump can pass larger particles, unlike centrifugal pumps, which have great advantages in mixing gas and liquid, and its rubber-coated rotor can provide a strong self-priming capability.

1、Simple structure; small volume; integrated over-flow chamber, gearbox and reducer.

2. Wide range of speed variation; 10-650 rpm/min.

3. High pressure; up to 18 bar.

4. smooth and rational working principle; non-clogging.

5. With strong self-priming function; self-priming capacity up to 9 metres.

6. A wide range of flow rates applicable, up to 1 - 2000 m3/h.

7、Multiple types of applicable fluid media.