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May 11, 2022 View:

Can Rotary Lobe Pumps Be Used For Activated Carbon Dosing In Water Plants?

Activated carbon dosing in waterworks is possible with lobe pumps.

Powdered activated carbon is used in waterworks mainly because it has good adsorption properties, is chemically stable, has a specific surface area of 1000 to 1500m3/g and is a porous hydrophobic adsorbent. Powdered activated carbon is highly adaptable to changes in water quality, water temperature and water volume, and can effectively deodorise, decolourise and reduce the organic content. Therefore, in the current situation where raw water is contaminated with organic matter, algae, colour and heavy metals, the addition of powdered activated carbon has become an efficient solution. The extremely abrasive nature of the powdered activated carbon, the low speed characteristics of the lobe pump, equipped with a wear and corrosion resistant rubber rotor, and the fact that the customer fully accepts the cost of replacement parts at a later stage, make it a perfect replacement for the previous screw pump at this work station.

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