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May 11, 2022 View:

Can Rotary Lobe Pumps Be Used For Secondary Sedimentation Tank Sludge Treatment

At present, many wastewater treatment plants use Ace lobe pumps for the treatment of secondary sludge, mainly because Ace lobe pumps show good resistance to wear and tear in this process as well as a more economical overall cost of use. Here Ace provides you with a detailed description.

I. Low overall cost of use

1, high efficiency conveying, reduce energy costs; accessories consumption is low, the price of accessories is low, accounting for 10%-15% of the whole pump. Comprehensive energy consumption in 10 years, in accordance with the price of industrial electricity, the lobe pump only electricity costs, saving 44% of expenditure.

2. Fully in-line maintenance, replacement parts can be done by opening the pump cover without removing the piping, reducing labour costs and lost work on the production line.

II. Wear and tear resistance

1、The rotary lobe pump uses NBR nitrile rubber to cover the rotor; the cast iron pump casing is lined with a cast steel protective liner; the pump shaft is protected by a sleeve and does not come into contact with the medium.

2. The rotary lobe pump has only a rubber covered rotor and the gap between the rotor and the cast iron pump casing is designed to be frictionless and the sludge passes through the pump cavity for a short period of time, reducing the wear and tear on the pump.

Zhejiang AceGS/DR lobe pump can be used for the above processes, but also for oil and chemical industry, environmental protection, slurry transport, urban flooding and drainage, drought relief and emergency rescue and drainage. Welcome to call us: +086-18626835909