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May 11, 2022 View:

Can Rotary Lobe Pumps Be Used For Small Flow And High Pressure Conditions

The lobe pump, also known as a colloid pump, lobe pump, triple lobe pump or universal transfer pump, etc., is a volumetric pump. It conveys fluids by means of the cyclical transformation of several fixed volume conveying units in the working chamber. It is characterised by low speed, wear resistance, low shear, high efficiency and good passing performance. It is widely used in the petroleum, environmental protection, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Today we will talk with you about the advantages of lobe pumps for small flow and high pressure working conditions.

1、The lobe pump adopts a double-supported structure for stable operation, and the output pressure can be as high as 1.8Mpa.

2、The lobe pump conveys a wide range of liquid media viscosity, from low viscosity to semi-solid state fluid.

3, low rotor speed, on the one hand, makes its operation process less pulse, fluid flow is stable, on the other hand, low speed also brings the advantages of under wear, long service life and less damage to the conveyed materials.

4、The lobe pump has fewer rotor leaves, higher volume utilisation, less suction resistance and good suction capacity.

5、lobe pump rotor shape symmetrical, good dynamic balance, smooth operation, low motion noise when choosing high precision gear drive.

6、The lobe pump has a compact structure and covers a small area.

7、The lobe pump can be maintained online, i.e. the rotor can be replaced without removing the pump, making maintenance easy and requiring little maintenance space.