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May 11, 2022 View:

Can Rotary Lobe Pumps Be Used For Transporting Manure And Garbage

It is possible to use lobe pumps for transporting manure waste, which contains mainly plant fibres and solid debris, and lobe pumps are tangle-free and have an overgranulation capacity, and have a long life at low speeds for transporting manure waste water, which is more efficient and space-saving than the generally used screw pumps.

Specific advantages of lobe pumps for the transport of manure and waste.

1、Easy maintenance

The lobe pump casing is lined with a protective liner, which protects the pump casing from wear and tear. When the pump is found to be worn, it is sufficient to replace the corresponding liner. The repair does not require the removal of piping, just open the pump cover with special tools and replace the damaged parts.

2、High efficiency and low energy consumption

Stable, pulsation-free and vibration-free lobe pumps with high efficiency and significantly reduced energy consumption over long periods of time.

3、Small floor area

No need for a sunken pump room, saving civil construction costs.

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