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May 11, 2022 View:

Can Rotary Lobe Pumps Be Used In Port Oil Tanker Relief Arms?

Port tanker drainage oil transfer arm needs pump equipment with 7 meters of strong self-priming, gas-liquid mixed transmission, no leakage, high efficiency and not easy to crystallize. If the centrifugal pump is used, the self-absorption capacity is limited, and when the medium in the oil transfer pump is in a mixed state of gas and liquid, it is easy to burn the mechanical seal, and a lighter state of pump cavitation occurs.

So, can a lobe pump be used for a port tanker relief transfer arm?

And the use of lobe pumps, just to meet the requirements of this working condition of the pump equipment. The lobe pump uses a full rubber covered material rotor, elastomer rubber and pump casing to form a interference fit between the rotor and pump casing contact sealing line can be considered no gap, the lobe pump in the operation process, the over-flow cavity to form a vacuum, the import is negative pressure state, the use of atmospheric pressure, the medium has the inlet inhalation, by the outlet transport out, positive displacement pump for the medium transport loss can be ignored.

The self-priming capacity of the lobe pump can reach up to 9 metres without constant flow. The lobe pump uses an integrated mechanical seal, placed separately in the middle isolation chamber, without direct contact with the medium. In the flushing principle, the self-flushing mode of the PLAN01 is used, distinguishing it from the external flushing line design of the PLAN11.

The lobe pump can operate with an efficiency of 70% and a volumetric efficiency of 95%-99%. The performance curve of the lobe pump is straight towards the top and, unlike other pumps, is a positive displacement pump.

For this reason, a lobe pump is the best choice for port tanker relief arms.