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May 11, 2022 View:

Can The Filter Press Feed Pump Use Rotary Lobe Pump

Can I use a rotor pump for my filter press feed pump? The following Ace lobe pump's will introduce you to five suggestions for selecting a filter press feed pump.

1. Flow

The flow rate is one of the important data for pump selection. Choosing the right pump type and the right speed will not only ensure the normal operation of the system, but also extend the service life of the pump and reduce maintenance costs.


The head is one of the data for selecting the feed pump for the filter press, and is generally chosen by using a head that amplifies the 5% to 10% margin.

3、Solids content

The solids content is an important indicator when selecting a pump type, and a low solids content can better improve pump efficiency when selecting a lobe pump for conveying, usually below 20%.

4、Piping arrangement

The piping arrangement refers to some data such as the height of the liquid delivery, the distance of the liquid delivery, the direction of the liquid delivery, the relatively low liquid level on the suction side and the relatively high liquid level on the discharge side, as well as the pipe size and material, length and quantity.

5. Operating conditions

The operating conditions consist of many, such as the operating T of the liquid, the saturated vapour force P, the suction side pressure PS, the discharge side vessel pressure PZ, the altitude, the ambient temperature, whether the operation is continuous or intermittent, and whether the pump position is fixed or mobile.

6. Liquid properties

Including the name of the liquid medium, physical properties, chemical properties and some other properties, physical properties such as temperature, density, viscosity, solid particle diameter in the medium, gas content, etc., which relates to the system head, effective cavitation margin calculation and selection of pump basis, chemical properties, mainly refers to the chemical corrosion of the liquid medium, toxicity, these relate to the pump shaft seal type.

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