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May 11, 2022 View:

Can The Rotary Lobe Pump Replace The Centrifugal Pump

When it comes to pump selection, lobe pumps are an alternative to centrifugal pumps, with the following advantages.

First, the need for self-priming stations. Centrifugal pump itself does not have the ability to self-priming, the so-called self-priming centrifugal pump is loaded with a vacuum assist system, so that before the use of the need to draw liquid to fill the pump, the use of the process is prone to cut off the flow, in the mobile pump truck industry applications, this shortcoming is reflected in a more prominent.

Secondly, corrosion and abrasion resistant stations. The fully rubber covered rotor used in the lobe pump has small gaps, no winding, no clogging and a strong ability to pass particulate matter, resulting in excellent operational performance and low post maintenance costs in the application of high efficiency settling tank residual sludge pump stations in wastewater treatment plants.

Third, the maintenance mode. The oil and petrochemical industry pumps have a long running time, whether it is an oil-bearing sewage lifting pump, finished oil unloading pump, there will be up to 8 hours of continuous running time, according to the use of the situation, about 2 years for the lobe pump rotor and other accessories replacement cycle, in the replacement process, the rotary lobe pump can be completed in the work station, without removing the pipeline and transmission device, does not affect the normal use of other equipment.

These are the advantages of lobe pumps instead of centrifugal pumps, I hope you find them helpful!