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May 11, 2022 View:

Can The Rotary Lobe Pump Replace The Slurry Pump To Deal With River Sludge

When dealing with river sludge, slurry pumps often fail to start, have insufficient flow, do not turn, wear out quickly, do not suck water, mechanical seal burning and other failures, in order to make the pump can run for a long time in the vicinity of the rated working conditions, the slurry pump can no longer meet its needs.

The lobe pump is non-clogging, wear-resistant and has a relatively short overflow chamber, short media passage time, small contact area between the media and the overflow chamber wearable parts, not easy to damage, long service life, just in time to replace the use of slurry pumps.

Specific advantages of lobe pumps for sludge treatment.

1, non-clogging: lobe pump is a volumetric pump, the pump cavity is short, the use of pump cavity volume changes, rubber rotor will not block the media.

2、Abrasion resistance: The lobe pump uses a fully rubber covered rotor, wear resistant steel plates and nitrile rubber to solve the problem of wear and tear.

3、Simple structure, few component parts: the lobe pump cavity has a rubber covered rotor, liner plate, no other consumable parts, few wearing parts.

4、Simple maintenance method: only 50cm space needs to be reserved on one side of the pump head, and the pump cover can be opened to complete the maintenance work.

5. Strong self-priming: with a self-priming capacity of 9 m, the pump can pump sludge media without the need to fill the pump.