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May 11, 2022 View:

Can The Rotary Lobe Pump Run Against The Principle Of How

The lobe pump is capable of reverse operation and its principle is very simple. Two synchronised rotors are used, the rotor is driven in reverse by the main shaft and the countershaft in synchronisation, the pump volume changes and there is no clearance between the rotor and the pump casing. The rotors are driven continuously and push the medium from the suction end to the outlet end. Due to the completely symmetrical design of the lobe pump, changing the drive steering changes the direction of delivery. So only a simple operation is required to achieve forward suction and reverse flushing.

In terms of maintenance, the lobe pump can be serviced online without disassembling the piping or special tools due to its simple construction. It can be maintained online by replacing the high-strength protective sleeve and the simple mechanical seal. The main features are the overall design of the pump cover, the versatility of the accessories and the simplicity of the structural design.

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