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May 11, 2022 View:

Can The Rotary Lobe Pump Transfer Battery Slurry

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, there is an increasing demand for lithium batteries. We know that in the production process of lithium batteries, it is usually necessary to transport battery slurry with high viscosity or high solids content characteristics. This battery slurry has high temperature, high abrasion and high corrosion characteristics, which places very high demands on the pump.

Many battery manufacturers have tried many pumps at home and abroad, but delivery pulsation, noise, low life expectancy and unstable flow are long-term headaches. ace lobe pumps are favoured by many battery manufacturers for their smooth delivery, low noise, long life expectancy and online maintenance.

Advantages of Ace lobe pumps for transferring battery slurry.

1、No need to manually fill the pump, that is, has a strong self-priming force, the maximum suction range 8.5m; conveying flow range 1-2000m/h.

2. The maximum medium viscosity is 100,000 cp and the maximum solids content is 60% of the slurry.

3. Forward and reverse rotation is possible, suitable for loading and unloading scenarios.

4、The non-clogging design ensures the passage of large diameter materials, with a maximum passage diameter of 80mm.

5、Triple flow precision casting mould and five-axis linkage process empowered with the pump, making it highly efficient, energy saving and low noise.

6. The double support structure allows the pump to run more stably and the output pressure can be up to 1.8Mpa.

7、Smooth conveying, small pulsation, low shear force, can convey mixed media of gas, solid and liquid as well as media sensitive to cut-off

8、Back cover extraction design, no need to disassemble the pump body and pipeline for maintenance